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I am fully funded!

I began serving full-time with Sports Friends in February 2014. Thank you so much to everyone who came alongside me in this process and believed in the desires God placed in my heart. The support-raising journey was by far the most stretching and rewarding spiritual experience of my life, and TJ and I saw God provide in truly amazing ways.

Although I am fully funded, you can still join my support team if you feel led to. It will not increase my salary, but will serve as a safety net in case another supporter needs to discontinue giving.

Thank you for your love and encouragement!


September 2013

Dear Friend,

As you may already know, in June I ended my teaching career to enter into full-time ministry with an organization called Sports Friends. I feel honored to join Sports Friends and be a part of a team that seeks to give hope and love to children in some of the world’s most impoverished regions. In August TJ and I traveled to Ethiopia to visit Camp Langano, a Sports Friends summer camp, where we witnessed first-hand the transformative power of God’s love through this ministry.

God is using Sports Friends to change individual lives and entire communities across the world. One story we heard at camp was of a boy named Itagasu. He was raised in an Ethiopian clan that is despised, sometimes even thought of as less than human. The week at camp changed the perspective he holds of his self-worth. Because of the exposure to God’s love he received from the staff and coaches, he left telling his own coach, “Now my heart knows that I am loved.” This is a truth he was able to carry back with him to his home community.

As a missionary I will serve on Sports Friends’ International Support Services team in their USA office. In my role as Media Specialist I will be capturing and telling stories of God’s grace through this ministry. Part of my role will include occasional trips overseas to Sports Friends’ international sites. I am so excited to share how God is using Sports Friends to impact the lives of children like Itagasu around the world!

As a full-time missionary with Sports Friends, it is required that I fundraise support. In order to begin serving with Sports Friends, I need to secure monthly support totaling $2,482 per month. Your support of me as a missionary enables Sports Friends to pour all of its financial resources directly back into its field ministries. Below you will find a summary of Sports Friends’ total ministry expenses for the 2012 fiscal year. You will also find a breakdown of what my monthly support will cover.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with me to transform lives and strengthen communities through Sport Friends. All contributions are tax-deductable and you will receive a receipt from SIM, Sports Friends’ parent organization.

Thank you so much for the impact you have already had on my life. TJ and I believe God equips those He calls (Hebrews 13:20-21) and we’re excited to see who He raises up to join us in His ministry. If you have any questions about Sports Friends, please feel free to contact me at any time. I would be happy to share more with you if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you!




In order to begin serving with Sports Friends, I need to secure monthly support totaling $2,482 per month. There are two ways you can support me:

monthly commitment is withdrawn every month (on the day of your choice).
one-time gift is cashed immediately and spread equally over 12 months in my account.

Here is a direct link to my support account:

My Support Account

If you would prefer to write a check, you can make it out to SIM and put my name and missionary number (41215) in the memo line. Checks can be sent to me or directly to SIM for processing at the address below:

SIM Donor Care
PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with me!


Sports Friends’ 2012 Fiscal Year Report:

Financial Review

My Monthly Support Breakdown:

Support Chart


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